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Congratulations! You’re all done. There are 5 love languages in total. Your results will show you how important each love language is to you. It’s common to have certain languages rank closely in level of importance, while some may be significantly higher than others. Knowing your love language and that of your friends and significant other enables you to understand each other and love more deeply. You’ll find a brief description of each of the 5 Love Languages and Do’s and Don’ts for each below.

Words Of Affirmation: Your ideal way to receive love is to be told that you are loved, appreciated, supported, etc. and be given reasons why.


  • Shower them in compliments express
  • Verbal positive support for their endeavors
  • Text them your thoughts when you’re apart, letting them know you’re thinking
    about them
  • Giving them verbal signs that they’re in your future and you’re committed to the relationship
  • Tell them things that give off a sense of uncertainty (because they hate uncertainty)
  • Respond to them with short, ambiguous answers
  • Forget to give them some type of reassurance, no matter how long you two have been dating for
  • Leave room for dead-air, it’ll make them think you’re not interested or bored of them
Quality Time: Your ideal way to receive love is to have someone give you their full, undivided attention when doing activities together; meaning phones are down and actually being present.
  • Give them your full undivided attention, meaning dedicating time to each other and freeing yourselves from distractions
  • Schedule activities together for the weekend or on days off work, even if it means spending time at home together
  • Spend time with them no matter what, even if it’s long distance you can still spend quality time over the phone or through video calls
  • Join communities that you both enjoy and have common interests in
  • Spend a whole day without checking in on them at least once
  • Make them feel like you can be a lot happier without them
  • Don’t flake on plans
  • Let them do things alone because you don’t like what they want to do
Receiving Gifts: Your ideal way to receive love is from effortful and thoughtful gift
giving, no matter big or small.
  • Ask them if they want something from the mall or store while you’re out
  • Surprise them with little things here and there that express your love for them (and it doesn’t have to be anything expensive either, flowers or homemade gifts work too)
  • Reward them for their successes or cheer them up with something when they’re feeling down
  • Say you’re giving them something and then not follow through with it
  • Tell them they don’t deserve or need something they really want
  • Forget to give them something on special occasions like birthdays
  • Make them pay for everything, it’s a two-way street
Acts of Service: Your ideal way to receive love is through someone committing
actions for you that you know you would appreciate, sometimes doing those actions
without you having to ask.
  • Always ask them what you can do to help, even if they tell you it’s okay
  • Show thoughtful gestures for them like holding the door open for them or offering to pick them up for work
  • Simple things for them like making them breakfast before work or running an errand for them
  • Be kind to their family through giving them gifts or attending family occasions; this will let them know you’re happy to be a part of the family
  • Be slow when they’ve asked you to help out with something
  • Just sit there and do nothing when they’re doing something, like when they’re cooking or struggling opening something
  • Hesitate to do big things for them like plan surprise parties or trips
  • Break promises on things you said you would do for them
Physical Touch: Your ideal way to receive love is through physical acts of affection.
  • Show small public displays of affection like holding hands or bringing them in close to you
  • Make time to cuddle or surprise them with kisses
  • Lean on them and/or let them lean on you whether it’s while you’re watching TV with them or just sitting beside each other somewhere
  • Always embrace them like you miss them
  • Gently touch them while you’re talking to them like playing with their hair or caressing them
  • Express physical affection only if you’re wanting something from them
  • Forget to return their affection back
  • Stress on their physical flaws or hint that they’re preventing you from expressing physical affection towards them